Photographer's Guide to Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a picturesque destination with a variety of unique spots for photographer's to capture the coastal beauty. From rolling dunes in Provincetown to lively harbors and vast coastlines, there is not a shortage of scenic views. This list is just the beginning of stunning locations to bring your camera to. 

Nauset Beach Orleans, MA:

The perfect spot to watch the sunrise or drive through the dunes, Nauset Beach offers the perfect spot to capture the outer beach coastline. Catch the first rays of summer sunshine in the early mornings and watch as the seals swim up and down the shoreline. The crashing waves create a serene atmosphere and the rising sun paints the sky with pastel shades of pink and blue. If you’re looking for more adventure, you can drive right out onto the sand on roads that weave between grass covered dunes. 

Sesuit Harbor Dennis, MA:

Whether you’re grabbing something to eat at Sesuit Harbor Cafe or walking the Jetty at Cold Storage beach, you will have a front row seat to boats traveling in and out of the harbor. This harbor is a quintessential Cape Cod spot that is especially beautiful at sunset.

Provincetown Dunes Provincetown, MA:

The towering Provincetown dunes stretch on for thousands of acres and are apart of the Cape Cod National Seashore. You will be surprised by the vastness of this coastal sight. You can walk up and over countless dunes, and if you’re up for it, walk all the way to the shoreline. It’s no doubt this unique spot makes for an amazing photograph; you won’t find another spot like this anywhere else on Cape Cod.

Sandy Neck Barnstable, MA:

If you’re traveling by boat, head to Sandy Neck. This peninsula in Barnstable is an exciting spot. As the name suggests, the soft sandy beaches at the tip of the peninsula host a perfect spot to sit and relax and the calm waters are a great place to swim. The best part arguably is the Sandy Neck Lighthouse, that went into service in 1826 and still shines today.

Rock Harbor Beach Eastham, MA: 

Rock Harbor Beach is another great spot to catch the sunset. From the sand you can watch the sun set over the water and the sky turn bright shades of orange and pink. Vivid green beach grass lines the waterline and you're sure to see seagulls perched on the rocks that emerge from the waves. 
Grab your camera and enjoy these scenic spots this summer!

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