The Cape Cod Beach Chair Story…

The Cape Cod Beach Chair Company, Inc. was founded in 2002 by former sales and marketing professional and native Cape Codder Justin Labdon. After being downsized from a high-tech company in Boston he decided it was time to leave the corporate world and pursue the American Dream.
No more suit and tie. No more sitting in traffic. He wanted to be his own boss, be creative and try something new. 

While sitting on his rooftop deck in Boston's North End one Spring afternoon, Labdon began to evaluate the beach chair he was sitting in. Although relatively new, the fabric was already fading and tattered, some of the fittings seemed to be a little rusty, and the frame appeared to have bent from use. As a lifelong beach lover he started to think "someone should really make nicer beach chairs..." An idea was born!

Shortly after, Labdon returned to Cape Cod with his wife Jill and dog Brewster to start a fun business in the place that he loves. From it's humble beginnings the Cape Cod Beach Chair Company now designs and produces world-class beach chairs in it's workshop and has been featured in local, regional, and national media such as the Today Show, Men's Journal, and New York Magazine. We ship chairs to beach lovers all over the United States, and to exotic locales such as the Caribbean, Hawaii, Europe and Japan!