Warranty and Repair

The Cape Cod Beach Chair Company prides itself on the quality of our beach chairs! If there are any defects in material or workmanship, or in the event of shipping damage, Cape Cod Beach Chair will either send a replacement part for easy repairs and/or replace the chair entirely within 30 days of receipt of order free of charge. Local customers may also bring chairs back to our workshop for exchange, repair, or return within 30 days of order.  

By nature beach chairs are subject to much abuse  exposure to harsh sun, sand and water, being thrown in and out of car trunks, beach party shenanigans, rambunctious children and more. The wood and fabric on our chairs, while very durable, is subject to wear and tear like any material. The better you care for it, the longer it will last!  Cape Cod Beach Chairs are manufactured using removable fasteners rather than rivets, to enable dis-assembly of frames and removal of fabrics for repair or maintenance. If over the course of the life of your chair it becomes damaged you can always bring it by our workshop for a quick fix or tune up. We are always happy to send replacement parts upon request to enable repair. In these instances customers are responsible for shipping costs and may be charged a nominal fee for the part at our discretion.

Chair Care

With proper care Cape Cod Beach Chairs will provide many years of enjoyment! Please follow these guidelines to keep your favorite seat in good working order.

  • Wood Care If exposed to frequent sun and water the wood will begin to weather.  Wood naturally expands and contracts with changes in heat and humidity, and water exposure, and may develop small cracks known as "checks" during this process.  Frequent oiling, and storage indoors when not in use, will slow this process.  Chair frames can be maintained by the regular application of teak or linseed oil to the wood, which helps them retain ideal moisture levels and resist water penetration.  Be sure to apply liberally to the end grain in particular.  We also recommend Australian Timber Oil from Cabot, or any protective stain used for patio furniture or wood decks.  All of these finishes are readily available in your local hardware store.  
  • Fabric Care The Sunbrella® and Outdura fabrics used in most of our products are easily cleaned by following Sunbrella® Care and Cleaning or Outdura manufacturer instructions. The solution dyed acrylic fabric will not fade and is incredibly durable and stretch resistant, but sparks from a good bonfire can melt small holes in it (we have learned from experience!).  On chairs made with cotton or other materials (such as our Breakwater model, and some Limited Edition prints), you may experience some fading with heavy use.  If ever desired CCBCC does sell replacement chair canvases.
  • Fasteners/Hardware Customers are recommended to periodically tighten fasteners as needed should they loosen with repetitive opening and closing. We use nuts and bolts so that chairs can be taken apart and wood parts replaced if needed.  Fasteners can be permanently bonded together using thread-lock or similar metal-bonding adhesive if desired.  

For best results we recommend chairs be stored indoors when not in use.  

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