Top Cape Cod Paddle Board and Kayak Spots

Written by Mark Beal and Catie Welch

Embark on unforgettable paddle board and kayak adventures with Adventure Chatham. Discover scenic spots in Cape Cod, including Scorton Creek in Sandwich, Bass River in Yarmouth, Pleasant Bay in Chatham, Nickerson State Park in Brewster, and Nauset Marsh in Eastham offering convenient launch points and amazing views for your water-sports exploration.

Scorton Creek, Sandwich:

Head to Scorton Creek in Sandwich, where you can easily park and launch your paddle board or kayak at the Scorton Creek Landing off Route 6A. Enjoy hassle-free access to the serene waters and stunning nature views as you embark on your aquatic adventure.

Bass River, Yarmouth:

Visit Bass River in Yarmouth, where you'll find convenient launch points such as Bass River Beach and Wilbur Park. These locations offer ample parking spaces and direct access to the river, allowing you to swiftly launch your paddle board or kayak and explore the meandering channels and picturesque marshes.

Pleasant Bay, Chatham:

For an unforgettable paddle boarding or kayaking experience at Pleasant Bay in Chatham, make use of the launch points available at Jackknife Harbor Road and Minister's Point. These spots provide parking facilities nearby, granting you easy entry to the crystal-clear waters and breathtaking coastal vistas.

Nickerson State Park, Brewster:

This state park is a beautiful spot to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including kayaking and paddle boarding. Within the park there are a few different ponds in which you can spend time on the water on your kayak or paddleboard. The park also hosts more than 400 camping sites if you’re looking to extend your time out in nature.

Nauset Marsh, Eastham:

Nauset Marsh a beautiful spot to enjoy time paddle boarding or kayaking. Travel through the marsh and take in the breathtaking views of vibrant sea grass and the bright blue water. Glide along the water and observe the wildlife that you may encounter; especially be on the look out for a variety of different birds. Be mindful of the changing tides so you don’t get stuck!


Experience the beauty of Cape Cod's waterways with Adventure Chatham, a trusted provider of paddle board and kayak rentals. Explore Cape Cod's scenic wonders by effortlessly launching your paddle board or kayak and immersing yourself in the stunning coastal views that await.

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