Beach Weddings, Cape Cod Beach Chair Style!

  Personalized beach chairs for beach weddingOne of the most fun uses for our chairs are as part of coastal weddings. 

Are you hosting a wedding on the beach, or in a coastal community?  Or, maybe you are friends or family of a beach-loving couple and are in search of a special gift?  Think of Cape Cod Beach Chair to add to the festivities. 

We have had several customers purchase custom chairs as part of proposals where they bring their loved one to a beach, open up a pair of chairs with "Mr." and "Mrs." and pop the question.   Currently we are operating on a 100% success rate!  It is safe to say that the "beach chair proposal" is a guaranteed yes.

Other times, the bride and groom will purchase a matching set of beach chairs to gift to the groomsmen, bridesmaids, or both!   For weddings actually taking place on the beach it is always fun to get matching chairs for the "VIP section" of the closest family members and friends, taller Nauset Heights for older parents and grandparents, children's chairs for ring bearers.  They make the perfect long-lasting keepsake and double as an awesome prop for wedding photos with that Instagram-worthy aesthetic!    And most often, of course, pairs of chairs are given as personalized gifts to brides and grooms.  

For embroidery, the sky is the limit.  Some folks keep it simple with just first or last names, which is always classy.  The next level may also include a wedding date or location underneath the names, or a graphic like a sea shell.  The most custom are requests to duplicate the artwork used on wedding invitations.  Cape Cod Beach Chair staff are always happy to accommodate your ideas!

 Beach wedding Cape Cod bride and groom

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