Winter Shop Hours

Happy New Year!  Thank you all for an amazing 2022.  Now that the holidays have come and gone, and beach weather several months away, the Cape Cod Beach Chair storefront is closed for the winter season.  We will resume scheduled retail operations in the Springtime as the weather warms.  

CCBC does maintain operations year 'round, making and shipping chairs and preparing for the busy summer months, and staff comes and goes regularly.   Our workshop schedule varies week to week depending on order volume, ski conditions up north, or vacation plans down south.  If you need to pick up a pre-ordered chair or would like to visit the showroom we recommend calling 800-809-1750 or emailing in advance to confirm our schedule/coordinate times.   

As always you can order chairs 24/7 to pick up here or ship worldwide on our web site and they will be completed within a couple of days.  






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