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Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse Beach is a beautiful, large beach close to the center of the picturesque town of Chatham. It is located across the street from a small Coast Guard Station and the Chatham Light lighthouse. This area was not much of a beach until the Great Barrier Beach broke due to pounding storm swells and hurricanes. The Chatham Break, as it is called, is a growing ocean channel between Nauset Beach and Monomoy Island. This new channel has shifted a significant amount of sand from the north to the south and created this magnificent beach. Nauset Beach protects it from heavy swells, but you can watch the waves crest about 200 yards away at the break. Beach grass, small dunes, and million-dollar homes surround the vast sand beach.

Strong currents created by incoming and outgoing tides can make swimming challenging. Lifeguards monitor safety and may restrict swimming if needed.

Hang a right at the bottom of the stairs leading to the beach and continue around the point for about a half-mile. Stay along the high-tide line near the water (a legal passage across the privately owned beaches). As you reach the end you often see a colony of dozens, or even hundreds, of seals basking in the sun on the beach or swimming close to shore. It's very cool! Be careful not to disturb them. Great White sharks feed on these seals during summer months in the waters off Lighthouse Beach. For this sort of a journey we recommend our Great Island Backpack Beach Chair...

Facilities are limited, as the area was not originally developed as a beach. A small parking lot equipped with binoculars for sightseers offers limited 15 minute parking. The beach is a quick walk, bike, or shuttle ride from Main Street.

How to get there: Take Main Street East from the town center until it ends; go right onto Shore Road and follow a quarter mile to parking lot on left.

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