Spectacular Nauset Beach on the Atlantic coast of Orleans is easily one of the largest, most popular and most beautiful beaches on Cape Cod. Nestled along a stretch of 10-15 foot sand dunes, this wide sandy beach is popular with teens, young adults, families, tourists, and locals alike. Beachgoers enjoy swimming and surfing in the brisk ocean water. Surfcasting for striped bass and bluefish is also a favorite pastime. While sitting in your beach chair you may notice the occasional seal head popping up in the water.

Public facilities include men’s and women’s restrooms and outdoor showers. Skilled lifeguards patrol the beach from tall guard towers and small four wheel drive vehicles. Philbricks snack bar offers hamburgers, hot dogs, fried seafood, ice cream, drinks, etc.

Upon passing through the toll booth at the entrance of the beach you will find an expansive parking lot that fits several hundred vehicles. Numerous paths through the dunes, several of which are wooden and wheelchair accessible, make an easy walk to the beach from the lot. Parking fees are $10 per day during the summer season. The parking lot often sells out on weekends and holiday weeks during the summer, so plan to arrive early to ensure your spot.

How to get there: Follow Main St. through East Orleans to Beach Road to the end

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