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Sandy Neck

Six-mile-long Sandy Neck Beach is located in both Sandwich and Barnstable and is the areas longest beach. Sandy Neck Beach is a beautiful beach with high sand dunes facing Cape Cod Bay. A limited area near the parking lot was recently re-sanded using sand dredged from the nearby Cape Cod Canal. Aside from that spot, there are many rocks mixed in with the sand along the high-tide zone further down the beach and on the ORV areas. We recommend planning your day around low tide as the flats offer a sandier area to sit in your chair or toss a football.

Many people enjoy taking a four-wheel-drive vehicle onto Sandy Neck Beach. This requires buying a permit through the Town of Barnstable. Your four-wheel-drive vehicle must undergo an inspection at the gatehouse for proper emergency equipment such as a tow rope, shovel, and spare tire. Sticker prices vary depending on the length of the permit and whether you are a resident of Sandwich or Barnstable. For four-wheel drive permits call Sandy Neck Administration or Sandy Neck Gatehouse.

The long beach also has walking trails along a salt marsh that offer glimpses of endangered toads, turtles, and other wildlife. This beach offers swimming, fishing, camping and hiking. Facilities include lifeguards, restrooms, outdoor showers, snack bar, wheelchair-accessible ramp, and special beach chairs.

How to get there: The road that leads to the beach, Sandy Neck Road, actually connects with Mass. Rt. 6A just over the town line in East Sandwich. Sandy Neck Road then works its way north into West Barnstable before reaching the beach parking lot.

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