Town Neck is a beautiful spot. Visitors can park their car at a lot directly at the beach, or park further in town at the Sandwich Boardwalk. From the long boardwalk you can enjoy a scenic walk over the marsh and creek to the dunes, then onto the beach. Kids love to jump off of the boardwalk into the deep creek at high tide. 

This Cape Cod Bay beach offers a great opportunity to pass the day by watching commercial and recreational vessels pass through the Cape Cod Canal. The beach is beautiful. An extensive re-sanding was completed in 2004 using sand dredged from the nearby canal, eliminating rocks found in years past.

 An enjoyable feature is the inner beach that lines the creek and adjacent marsh. You can tuck yourself near the dunes, swim in the creek, and watch the wildlife. People sometimes kayak, fish, or dive in the creek. The picture above is the inner creek at low tide. If you follow the inner beach to the end you will see where the ocean water feeds the creek, and you can walk around to the normal beach. How to get there: 6A to Town Neck Road to Wood Avenue.

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