Production Lead Time and Summer Hours

We are currently open 9-5 every day!  Come on by...  :)

CURRENT ORDER LEAD TIME:  It seems like everyone is excited for the "post COVID" summer as we have been exceedingly busy since the beginning of April!  With so many models, colors, and embroidery options most of our chairs are made-to-order.  It is a hurricane of constant seat sewing, frame assembling, embroidering and packaging.   Our small staff is working overtime to meet demand!  Current production time for chairs is roughly 1-2 weeks from date of order.  Some might get made in just a few days, some may take slightly longer if we are in the process of sewing a canvas color.  We appreciate your patience and will get you your chairs as soon as possible!  If you have a "must-have" date for your order it's best to call the shop at 774-237-7313 to confirm the details, or email us at



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